What is Halal Certification?

Halal Certification is recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims. Halal certification from an established Islamic organization helps to build Halal consumer's confidence without suspicion or doubt over the consumption of the food products. It is an authoritative and reliable testimony to support food manufacturers' claim that their products have met strict Halal requirement

Which are the products requiring Halal Certificate?

When it comes to Halal food, most people think of meat products only. However, Muslims must ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals and non food items like cosmetics are also Halal. Often these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible for Muslim consumption.

What is the Application Procedure

  • Fill the registration Form Part I (Compulsory for every category) To download the form, please click here
  • Part II has three forms A, B and C, you may need to chose and fill only one form as per your category.
  • Part II A- For Abattoirs- to download the form, Please click here
  • Part II B- For Food and Non Food manufacturers- to download the form, Please click here
  • Part II C- For Hotel and Restaurants- To download form, Please click here
  • Affidavit (Compulsory for every category)- to download Affidavit content, please click here
  • This is to be typed on a Rs. 100 Stamp Paper.

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