Halal Certification in India: A Golden Opportunity

Due to the advent of globaliasation where means of transportation has become easily accessible migration of people from one continent to other, one country to another from one city to another has become very easy resulted in the various hiccups which people have started facing. People have to adjust with various types of things like environment, culture and tradition they adjust to all the changes, but they can not bear the changes in their culinary and eating habits.

Muslims all over the world face a type of dilemma "Is this product Halal Certified or not? People come across different type of restaurants, burger shops, pizza shops where they get confused whether this product is Halal certified or not. In India also process of migration has increased due to the development in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai where numerous types of industries has come up. Muslims are also part of this phenomenon. Not only had they wanted to have their taste buds satisfied they also have to adhere with Quran and Islamic laws that the products should contain Halal certification if they are buying it from the market. It is the same problem people living in Delhi face that they come across with a lot of restaurants and hotels where they wonder about the Halal certification by Indian Halal certifying bodies.

There are thousands and thousands of products which are manufactured across the globe which are using different types of indegrients in it. It is very difficult for the common Muslim to identify these indegrients whether they are Halal or the product that they are using in whole does not have any thing which is not Halal.

People mainly Muslims are very concerned with the meat and meat products and the indegrients of meat products that it does not contain any prohibited products like pork, pork intestine casings or non Halal methods of slaughtering the animal. It should be certified Halal by some organization like Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind Halal trust one of the many Indian Halal certifying bodies.

There are various Halal Certifying bodies in India but they have to adhere a fool proof mechanism so as to check and authorize a product to be Halal compliance. The Muslim consumers have every right to know that the product that they are using is Halal certified or not and the mark of certifying body should also be there on it.

Halal certification by Jamiat Halal trust in Delhi imposes strict personal sanitation requirements in addition to manufacturing premise hygiene practices. Even though the certification by Halal trust is not must for the industries to adhere but having certification by Indian Halal certifying bodies gives you inroads to a vast base of consumers mainly Muslims globally. Muslims constitute a vast population in today's world and companies can not ignore their religious belief.

If we go through the statistics submitted total Halal market including all types of Halal Products, consumables and services range from minimum of US dollar 1.2 trillion to US dollar 2 trillion per annum.

Halal certification is now becoming a global trend. Companies have started their products to be Halal certified where not only common people but also Muslims can use their products easily, without any doubt and confusion. Not only in food processing industry people are also looking for those companies which are dealing in Halal certified products and they are following shariah compliance.

Due to these factors and great business opportunity not only small industries even large conglomerates are seeking Halal certification by Indian bodies to tap this potential.

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