Aims & Objective

Besides Public Charitable Activities JUHHT shall work to achieve following objectives specified in its Registered Trust deed:

Board of Trustee to promote healthy, Hygienic and clean food habits and prevent consumption of harmful substances, drugs, Alcohol, tobacco and adulteration in food items.

  • To work for protection and safety of environment with due regard to right to survival to all living beings and to prevent cruelty to animals.
  • To Promote Halal foods and other related product which do not contain ingredient containing Mashbooh (Doubtful)gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, stabilizer, sausages, fatty acids etc. since Halal means Lawful or permitted food. Also to promote healthy eating habits in general public to consume hygienic food items as per Personal Laws.
  • To issue certificate for Halal foods, animals products, ingredients and other related product after proper inspection, testing, analyzing and examination and the same may be acceptable in India and abroad.
  • To train individuals, who may be able to inspect the product as per norms laid down before issuing certificate by the Trust.
  • To promote export and consumption of Halal products throughout world.