Manual Slaughtering Of Poultry

  • Chicken birds should be live & healthy before slaughter.
  • Slaughterer should recite 'BISMILLAH ALLAHU-AKBAR' before slaughtering each bird with his own hands.
  • The throat, the esophagus and major blood vessel in the neck region (jugular vein and carotid artery) of the poultry must be severed.
  • The bleeding period (time between slaughter and going in the water bath) should not be less than 120sec (2minutes).
  • Each bird must be checked that it is properly slaughtered and only dead birds are subsequently sent for scalding.
  • The bird should be 'STILL' (cool & calm) before going into the water bath.Scalding Temperature-water bath temperature-maximum up to 64°C. (i) Scalding time (the bird in the hot water) - maximum upto 100 seconds. (ii) Scalding Temperature and Scalding Time are inversely proportionate.
  • Hygiene in processing area needs to be taken care.
  • Production area specially processing area should to be disinfected periodically and regularly.
  • All the machinery coming in contact with stuff should be regularly cleaned with appropriate disinfectant.
  • Workers need to be made aware of hygiene operation. Gloves, boots (shoes) and hand disinfectants should be provided.
  • Knife and other utensils should be sterilized with hot water (approximate 82°C).
  • The hot water should be replaced periodically.
  • Final chicken should be free from pathogenic microbes like Salmonella, E.Coli and staphylococci etc.
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