Govt Approved Halal Certifying Bodies: A New Step in Industry

Brands are tracking a vast consumer base nationally in India and overseas so as to provide consumer products according to their sensibilities. Halal certification has now become a global trend not only in Muslim majority countries but other countries also. Due to this emerging trend the need arises or the dedicated bodies, who can train, certify and audit these companies to ascertain either these products are HALAL compliant.

In India also there are numerous bodies that are doing certification of the products. Some of these Halal certification bodies are recognized by Indian govt while others do not have any recognition. Taking certification from govt recognized Halal certifying bodies gives you an advantage in not only national but international market.

Products That Uses Certification

Govt approved Halal certifying bodies adheres to strict norms, guidelines and procedure and do not compromise on any front. These Indian govt endorsed Halal certifying bodies check right from the meat processing industry to various products used in our day to day life like tooth paste, cosmetic items, processed food thoroughly that they should not contain any forbidden item or its derivatives.

Jamiat Halal trust is one of the leading Indian govt approved Halal certifying body who are providing certification in various industries in India. The certification is well approved in all the countries. These organizations are catering to the need of domestic companies, meat processing units, food and beverage items and slaughter houses.

Role Of The Certification Bodies

These Indian Halal certification bodies' monitors execute a supervisory role in the production, preparation, handling and storage of the products as per the guidelines approved to be certified halal. Like if cosmetic products are to be certified Halal by Indian Halal certifying authorities they should not contain any animal derived ingredients, no alcohol or hidden solvent or carrier in perfumes.

Increase In Revenue: A Study

In India domestic brands like Cavin kare, Nyle herbal shampoo, Ruchi pickles, Fairever has taken Halal certification from Govt approved Indian Halal certifying bodies to expand their footprints in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and GCC. " This certification gives consumers a belief on quality parameters also gives us an edge over our rivals" said R S Vijay Kumar, GM of international business at Cavin-Kare, a Chennai-based personal care company in an interview to TIMES OF INDIA.

Nyle shampoo captured 26.7% share in the Halal compliance market of Singapore and in the Malaysian market 22% of the same segment in the last fiscal. Like these companies BIKANERWALA an Indian sweet and Namkeen products manufacturer saw over 30% of jump in soan papdi and cookies sales in Malaysian market once they get certification by Indian Halal certifying organization. "Halal signifies highest standards of quality and hygiene in ingredients, processes and products," said Sachin Anand, head (international business), Bikanervala Foods. There are about 160 million Muslims in India but the market for the Halal products is still untapped but now the brand consultants are now recommending untapping this huge potential.

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