Assurance For Observance Of Halal Slaughter Norms

  • Every premise engaged in Halal slaughter or processing must display valid Registration certificate issued by Halal supervising authority / JUHHT.
  • All the slaughterhouses/processing meat plants have to employ at their cost qualified and trained full time Halal supervisor(s) in consultation and with approval of Halal supervising authority / JUHHT. Such supervisors shall be provided with identity cards of the Halal supervising authority / JUHHT and will be responsible for physical verification of observance of Halal process. On the basis of their verification only Halal certificate can be issued. The number of supervisors and working hours shall be determined keeping in view the volumes.
  • Slaughtermen engaged for Halal slaughter shall be examined by the Halal Supervisors for their fitness to carry out Halal slaughter. They also will be provided with I. Cards by Halal supervising authority / JUHHT which they must display on their person.
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