Halal Certificate

Halal Registration Certificate

If the inspection report verifies the applicant as Halal eligible JUHHT shall issue Halal Registration Certificate valid for one year. The applicant has to display this certificate at his premises to signify eligibility for Shariah Halal compliance. But this certificate is not proof of any specific product being Halal. For this purpose the Registered applicant shall obtain Halal certificate for specified product/brand in specified no. lot, qty or production cycle after satisfying specified Halal norms and paying the requisite fee.

Halal Certificate for each Consignment

Once a company is registered for Halal process can apply for issue of Halal Certificate on the basis of individual consignment, invoice or periodic lot. It can also apply for printing of Halal logo on its products. The Halal certificates are issued on standards formats, signed by authorized signatory only and imprinted with distinct seal and logo of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust. The Trust charges nominal fee for issue of Halal certificate and printing of logo as given in the schedule of fee and service charges.

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