Standard Norms For Outlet At Hotel

The attention for inspections are given to the following areas:

  • In addition to general conditions prescribed for food premises;
  • The inspection and certification process must be carried out in the hotel kitchen only.
  • The availability of two (2) full times Muslim cooks working in the kitchen.
  • All cutleries must be for Halal only
  • Only halal product are prepared in the Halal kitchen.
  • Any non halal or suspicious ingredients or raw material are not used for all kind of dishes like Western and Chinese food;
  • Kitchen for Halal food is separated from the non-Halal kitchen and they are not accessible to each other.
  • Same Staff are not allowed to enter both Halal and non-Halal kitchen.
  • Wine and any item of the same kind are strictly prohibited in the Halal kitchen.
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